I completed this user needs assessment for Sonos with the goal of determining how their mobile app interface affects user experience.



  • Question: β€œIn what cases do young adults use the Sonos speaker mobile application and how does the interface affect their experience?”
  • Many Sonos users complain about the functionality of this app. Why are there issues? 
  • I want to learn about use cases, purchase motivations, and how the interface positively or negatively affects user experiences.  
  • The Sonos mobile app interface is touted as being minimalist, yet highly functional. Does it live up to that reputation?                                                                                                                


  • From my experience using the Sonos app, I believe the difficulty lies in the ambiguity of the icons, weak wifi connectivity, and time-consuming navigation. 
  • Although I had my own hypothesis, I did my best to interview and interact with participants in an unbiased, open-minded way. 


  • Contacted and scheduled two individuals to complete interviews. 
  • Scripted a project description and a series of overarching questions to guide my research. 
  • Wrote a complete interview protocol which included: Introduction, Warm-up questions, Core questions, Follow-up questions, and a Conclusion. 


  • Conducted two hour-long interviews with current Sonos users. 
  • Inquired about reasons for purchasing this system, general satisfaction, and interface impressions. I also asked about feature favorites and recommendations. 


  • Complied participant quotes, organized them into categories, and created an affinity wall. 
  • Wrote a report based on my interviews and experiences.  
  • My two main findings were: 1) Users experience significant navigational difficulties, and 2) Users desire additional Sonos features. 

next steps

  • Conduct a heuristic evaluation of the Sonos application.
  • Lead usability tests with this app. 
  • Redesign an interactive prototype based on participant feedback from the affinity wall.