simplisave mobile app

SimpliSave is the financial management app I designed with the purpose of empowering young adults to save money by creating goals.



  • Saving money is important, especially for young adults. However, it is also difficult. 
  • During their 20s and 30s, many individuals make significant purchases and financial investments such as homes, cars, weddings, children, etc.
  • I want to empower young adults to manage their money so they can work towards a fiscally-secure future.


  • Create a product that supports an individual's desire to manage their spending, grow their savings, and reach their financial goals. 
  • Design simple, usable features that fulfill user needs for goal-based financial management.    
  • Target users: Individuals aged 16-24yr.                                                                                                                            



  • Conducted needs finding study and found that individuals have low confidence in their ability to save money, few keep a budget, and many are frequent users of personal banking apps.
  • Based on initial feedback, I performed ideation, brainstorming, competitive analysis, and sketching to further develop my ideas. 
  • To incorporate human needs, feelings, motivations, and emotions, I created personas, scenarios, and storyboards. 


  • Developed concept further with wireframes and task flows. 
  • Experimented with various layout possibilities and modeled my designs after popular budget and banking mobile apps. 


  • Based on these initial designs, I created paper prototypes to test with users. 
  • After these tests, I created a medium-fidelity prototype with user feedback in mind. 
  • I designed with simple, cool colors such as slate grey, white, and silver to communicate a sense of calmness and control. 


  • Conducted an additional round of user testing with the medium-fidelity prototype. 
  • Following this second test, I finalized the project with a series of high-fidelity screen designs. 
  • Some aspects of the user interface changed as I worked to create a more realistic prototype. 

results & impact

  • User tests yielded high task success rates (90-100%), low task completion times(<2min/task), and positive participant feedback ( "I love how simple the navigation is", "The interface is clean."
  • Upon assignment completion, 25+ screens were designed. 
  • The final prototype earned an SUS score of 97 - an "excellent" rating. 
  • Test participants expressed interest in using SimpliSave to reach their financial goals. 

"i would use this app"


next steps

  • Find opportunities to make SimpliSave a more unique product. 
  • Conduct additional research on the psychology of motivation as it relates to spending and saving. 
  • Further refine and simplify the interface, experimenting with font and color scheme.