User Experience Research & Design Coursework

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The following is an example of the wireframes I designed for Bouquet, a wedding planning smartphone application. I created this application as my class project and developed it throughout the course. This assignment was for UX506x: UX Design - From Wireframe to Prototype.  

Paper prototypes

The following document includes a few of the paper prototypes I made for my Bouquet wedding planning app. I created a series of screens and interactions and employed them during my user testing. This was also an assignment for UX506x: UX Design - From Wireframe to Prototype. 


The following writeup is an example of the scenarios I developed for my Bouquet app to contextualize my designs and humanize my ideas. This assignment was completed for UX505x: From Concept to Wireframe. 

preference test

The following report details my experience conducting a preference test on a Netflix user interface element. Specifically, the primary navigation menu. I choose an icon, redesigned it, and tested user preference. This project was part of UX508x:UX Research at Scale - Analytics and Online Experiments. 

Heuristic evaulation

The following is my completed heuristic evaluation of the edX Discussion forum. This document details my findings and recommendations regarding the interface. This assignment was completed for UX503x: Principles of Designing for Humans. 

user test report

The following document is the final user test report I wrote based on my work throughout the course on user testing. Namely, conducting background research, recruiting participants, completing interviews, and analyzing the results from the user test. This assignment was completed for UX504x: Evaluating Design with Users.