boUquet mobile app

Bouquet is the app I I created with the goal of designing a full-functionality wedding planning tool. 



  • The assignment for these two courses was to choose a design problem and create a possible solution. 
  • The problem I decided on was wedding planning. I am currently assisting in planning two weddings, so it is fresh on my mind! 
  • From my experience, there are not enough high-tech, mobile-friendly, wedding planning tools on the market. 


  • Create a product that supports users through all parts of the wedding planning process.
  • Offer a broad range of features that are convenient, integrated, and enjoyable. 
  • Support seamless communication and collaboration between all stakeholders involved.                                                                                                                



  • Designed 20 sketches for systems or system features that could work to solve this problem - including mobile apps, Apple watches, and desktop tools.
  • With human emotions and motivations in mind, I created a series of scenarios, personas, and storyboards.


  • Decided to pursue the idea of a wedding planning mobile app, as I am most familiar with that technology.  
  • Developed my concept further with wireframes and task flows to experiment with layout, navigation, and interface design.  
  • I choose the name 'Bouquet' to communicate my desire for wedding planning to be like a bouquet: cohesive, together, under lovely. 


  • Based on these designs, I created paper prototypes to test with users. 
  • During testing, I added graphic elements using Post-It notes, tape, highlighters, etc. to mimic real user interactions. 
  • Mapped out examples of inputs and outputs from this system to fully define features and functionality. 


  • Although this was not required as part of the assignment, I created a few high-fidelity screens for the final design. 
  • Seeing realistic images and a high-fidelity prototype was rewarding. To me, this is the best part of the design process! Hooray! 

results & impact

  • User tests yielded high task-success rates and positive feedback from participants.
  • Completing user testing and iterations further familiarized me with the design process. 

"Wish we had this when I got married" 


next steps

  • Conduct more rounds of testing with the final high-fidelity prototype. 
  • Recruit real wedding planners to take part in user needs assessments and usability tests.